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    Gale Reef

    he U.S. Capitol.● As of 12:00 p.m., D.C. Police Traffic estimated that there we●re roughly 6,000 protesters in town, with some 3,000 at the Lin●coln Memorial and another 3,000 at 16th and I streets, NW. Othe●d

    r groups were proceeding along 15th and H streets NW, as well a●s Pennsylvania Avenue, a diagonal street connecting the White H●ouse and the U.S. Capitol. D.C. Mayor Muriel Bow5

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    Dawson’s Reef

    ser, who on Fr●iday urged President Donald Trump to pull back military forces ●deployed in the city against the protesters, greeted the crowd ●near the White House -- which she referred to as "the people's ●house" -- saying that today she "pusheX

    d the Army away from our ●city." Saturday's protests in D.C., by and large calm, came as● the nation has been engulfed in demonstrations from coast to c●oast oveL

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    Claire’s REEF

    r the brutal killing of Minneapolis black man George Fl●oyd last week under the custody of white police. A memorial fo●r Floyd was scheduled for Saturday in North Carolina, where lar●ge-scale protests were also underway. Under Bowser's directic

    on●, the section of 16th Street leading to the White House was ren●amed "Black Lives Matter Plaza" on Friday, honoring protesters ●not just in the capital but around the country in puI

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